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"It's a very competetive business environment for smaller companies, and to get the most efficiency and productivity our of their operations they have to be willing to embrace technology solutions that can provide these advantages."

- S. Aggarval, Sr. Analyst, The Yankee Group

"SMB's want the technology capabilities of large enterprises to improve their operations, but also because many of their customers and suppliers are demanding it."

- J Madden, Director, Summit Strategies


Providing Comprehensive Business and Technology Consulting Services

Today's business leaders face dynamic, complex business opportunities, conflicting organization priorities, and an increasing dependency on technology. Given the financial demands of maintaining operational infrastructure, managers are limited in their ability to hire and retain key, critical leadership to assist them with the implementation of strategic business and technology initiatives. This can result in missed opportunities and markets, unmitigated excess operational costs, or underused technology due to inadequate planning and unprofessional implementation.

Sheepdog Solutions, Inc. a Chicago-based consulting organization, can provide you with the business and technology leadership you require for your strategic initiatives. With over 20 years experience developing successful business models, effective operational support organizations and integrated systems applications within fast-paced, highly technical and competitive markets, Sheepdog Solutions can provide you a consulting arrangement tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you're feeling like the sole shepherd driving your organization, facing missed opportunities and significant competitive challenges, call on Sheepdog to help you lead your "flock" of project and product initiatives. We can help you get them implemented on time, and within budget.

For more information on our specific areas of expertise, see the "Consulting Service" links above. If you're in need of enterprise-wide, proprietary systems assistance, you may also want to look into our Sheepdog Software Solutions® .

To schedule a free engagement consultation, project proposal or needs assessment, contact us at scottd@sheepdogsoftware.net.


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